America's Property Tax Advisor

At POER, we are 100% focused on real estate and personal property taxes. Meaning, we not only perform valuation, appeal, and tax bill administration processes but are positioned, trained, and staffed to deliver all of the support functions that a versatile property tax department can provide, including ancillary tax planning services.

Tax Estimates

If you're planning to purchase or build a property, we research your anticipated property tax expense. This includes a detailed report of our findings, a 3-to-5 year forecast of the real estate taxes, all assumptions, as well as all supporting documentation.

New Development
Tax Projections

Do you need to estimate the property tax impact on a project slated before you commence construction? POER consultants research your planned project and provide a detailed report that enhances the accuracy of your budget projections.

Tax Estimates

POER understands that accurately projecting property taxes is critical to your budget process. Beginning with information from public records, our consultants can estimate an annual budget for each property and verify those updates quarterly.

Inventory Market

Many local assessment offices' approach to inventory valuation may lead to an overstated tax value. POER's 'value in exchange' strategy considers your inventory's market value, which can result in reduced personal property tax expenses.

Property Tax
Oversight Management

Oversight management provides a single platform to efficiently manage your entire portfolio. We work with your other selected consultants to gather your data and analyze and process the information to ensure quality and consistency.

Delinquent Property
Tax Search

If you acquire a property or portfolio of properties and are not assured all past property taxes are paid and current, our delinquent tax search service can help. We research the tax records for each parcel and confirm the exact tax due.

POER...Now a part of Ryan!


Marvin F. Poer and Company was recently acquired by Ryan, creating the largest property tax team with the most local expertise, capabilities, and tax solutions of any provider in the United States. Together, we remain dedicated to producing value for our clients that will exceed all expectations.


If you have questions about your property taxes or how we can add value to your property tax program, contact us today!