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Property Tax Solutions for

Whether operating a regional mall, neighborhood center, or a big box store, your retail shopping properties present unique challenges to real estate tax valuation.

Property tax assessments often do not keep up with rapidly changing market conditions in the retail industry. Old data may cloud the judgment of tax assessors and leave your retail developments over assessed.


Our professional tax appraisers work to set the record straight. If you are experiencing any of the following, an appeal may lower your tax burden…


  • Increasing vacancies

  • Falling rents or collection issues

  • Unusual landlord concessions

  • CAM issues


Managing property taxes is a crucial part of any retailer's financial success. POER keeps your tax assessment fair and your tax liability reasonable.


The result -- Reduced pass-through costs and happier tenants!

No one knows property taxes better than POER.

To learn more about how our shopping center specialists can help you minimize your real estate taxes, contact us today.