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Business Personal Property Solutions

Businesses face a variety of challenges when it comes to Business Personal Property tax.
At POER, we have a variety of solutions to meet each challenge.

Complying with personal property tax filing requirements is
a time-intensive, painstaking and costly task. The rules for
what is taxable and how to value the assets vary widely from state to state and sometimes vary within a state.


Our personal property tax management services efficiently manages the entire process from Compliance to Appeals to Audit Support to Tax Payments to Reporting Services.


Why Outsouce Your

Personal Property Process?


  • Keep up with changing tax laws in every state and thousands of local taxing jurisdictions

  • Ensure returns are timely filed and taxes paid correctly

  • Stand as a "Buffer" between you and the assessor

  • Provide continuity during periods of internal changes
    for staffing or changing strategic focus


Our consultants are experienced in all types, sizes and complexities of personal property issues and industries.


Whether you have a billion dollar manufacturing plant;

multi-purpose resort; one restaurant; or 10,000 individual locations, we have experts ready to help. Contact us today!

  • Compliance Services
  • Complex Property Solutions

Whether you have just ONE tax site, 100's, 1000's or 10,000 or more..



POER's turn-key

solutions are scalable

and designed to handle

the endless forms,

depreciation tables,

local deadlines,

rules and regulations

for companies with

any number of

tax locations.


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Is your property unique, complex or multi-faceted?


POER's proprietary

3-phase process is

beneficial to a number

of industries including:


Manufacturing, resorts,

retail, hospitality,

chemicals and refining,



financial services and more.


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