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Property Tax Solutions for

Commercial Office buildings are easy targets for cash-strapped tax jurisdictions that are under increasing pressure to hold values. POER helps you fight back with comprehensive in-depth value analysis to ensure your tax burden is minimized.

Our office property team works closely with you to analyze every detail of your specific office building to determine whether your property is over assessed. We then mutually establish Target Values with you before filing appeals that may document such issues as…


  • Concessions

  • Vacancies

  • Market vs. Actual rents

  • Capitalization rates, etc…


We represent you every step-of-the-way to reach a successful settlement and a lower tax bill. With POER, you receive a responsive and proactive approach giving you the Right Information and the Right People at the Right Time making the Right Decisions!


Partner with POER -- your tenants will thank you!

No one knows property taxes better than POER.

To learn more about how our office building specialists can help you minimize your real estate taxes, contact us today.