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Property Tax Solutions for

Assessing hotels and resorts is a complex endeavor because no two hospitality properties are the same.

To assure your hospitality property's tax expense is minimized, you need the "watchdog" services of POER's hospitality team. Our attention to detail uncovers issues that mass appraisals overlook.


Factors that may lower your hotel or resort's tax assessment...


  • Business Enterprise Value

  • Double assessment of RE & PP

  • "Return on" & "Return of" the property

  • Segmenting Income statements & ancillary income

  • Understanding differences in resort valuation

  • Proper reconciliation of "Flag" values


After identifying any inaccuracies, we follow through to deliver the tax savings you deserve.


Your benefit is full compliance and peace of mind, knowing you pay only your fair share of taxes; nothing more and nothing less.



No one knows property taxes better than POER.

To learn more about how our hospitality industry specialists can help you minimize your real estate taxes, contact us today.