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Property Tax Solutions for

Healthcare facilities are complex business enterprises often misunderstood by appraisers.

POER combines proven valuation techniques with the most up-to-date data to correct problems of over assessment and reduce your property tax burden.


Our valuation experts take a holistic approach to your tax assessment. We analyze...


  • The real estate (location, obsolescence, comparable market data)

  • Tangible personal property (furniture, fixtures and equipment)

  • Intangible business value (management, administration, flag, etc)


We have detailed sale and operating performance information for all types of health care businesses in your area...


  • Hospitals and medical offices

  • Diagnostic and rehabilitation centers

  • Urgent care clinics

  • Assisted living and nursing homes


In the healthcare industry, a proper tax assessment is an important part of any company's financial success. Let POER help!





No one knows property taxes better than POER.

To learn more about how our healthcare specialists can help you minimize your real estate taxes, contact us today.