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Complex Property Solutions

Premium property tax consulting solutions for the purpose of minimizing tax liability on complex properties and achieving results through innovative processes designed to exceed expectations.


  • Process
  • Focused
  • Technology

POER's Proprietary Process


A comprehensive, flexible, three-phase implementation with multiple components using proprietary technology for efficient and intensive analysis of your fixed asset detail.




  • Gather data

  • Analyze asset detail

  • Inspect properties

  • Identify solutions



  • Value position

  • Obsolescence

  • Duplicate assessments

  • Exemptions and

  • Inventory Valuations



  • Document changes

  • Rationalization and Componentization

  • File tax returns

  • Negotiate reductions

  • Present appeals



  • Tax Savings

  • Maximizes abatements

  • Eliminates phantom assets

  • Reduces administrative costs

  • Improves record accuracy

Focused Solutions for Complex Properties


Effectively controlling your complex property tax requires implementing the Right Solution at
the Right Time by the Right People!


POER's Complex Property team designs custom solutions to achieve both

compliance and tax savings for your unique property.

Forensic Records Analysis

Tests and measures the integrity of the fixed asset records


Duplicative Assessment

Eliminates any assets subject to double assessment


Asset Componentization

Reduces tax exposure through extraction of intangibles and non-contributory costs


Asset Rationalization

Focuses on the aged asset base, repairs, modifications, rebuilds, maintenance, and identifying unrecorded retirements

Inventory Valuation

Evaluation of costing and inventory adjustments booked internally to minimize exposure


Obsolescence Studies

Quantify physical depreciation, functional and external obsolescence


Exemptions and Abatements

Maximize abatements and implement transition strategies to taxable status

PoerVal - POER's Proprietary Technology Enabler


Powerful technology tools enable our complex property consultants to efficiently analyze detailed asset information. The result is enhanced documented proof of changes and increased tax savings.


  • Dynamic filtering capability



  • Global asset analysis



  • Valuation functionality



  • Group change functionality



  • Componentization



  • All changes tracked via full audit trail



  • Detail or summary level reports