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Property Tax Solutions for

More and more Americans are choosing to rent their homes. As demand grows and values increase, owners and managers must take the lead to ensure their properties are not paying excessive real estate taxes.

Your apartment property may be overvalued due to a variety of reasons. POER multi-family valuation specialists know how to find and resolve your excessive tax values.


We represent 1,000's of apartment and condominium properties in all 50 states. We have the Right Information and the Right People to give you the Right Solution…


  • We dig deep for all opportunities to reduce your taxable value

  • Challenges are fully documented for a successful appeal


Over assessment is a huge drain on multi-residential property profits. Get a head start on lowering your property tax bills – contact us today!

No one knows property taxes better than POER.

To learn more about how our apartment specialists can help you minimize your real estate taxes, contact us today.