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Ohio Will Not Consider Pandemic Impact
to Values


Ohio property owners will not be able to get assessment relief based on the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for the January 1, 2020 assessment year with taxes payable in 2021. Legislation (HB 751) failed to pass in the General Assembly and therefore, no change was made to current law which sets the value of property for tax year 2020 as of the January 1st lien date. POER will continue to monitor this situation should there be any new proposals and/or developments regarding this initially failed legislation.


Owners are still encouraged to file a challenge to their property value with the Board of Revision. However, they are restricted to only one complaint per interim period, which is three years between Auditor value updates. This means that a filing this year could preclude another filing on the January 1, 2021 value.


For the upcoming January 1, 2021 assessment year, it would be wise to start to collect COVID-19 related information on a proactive basis to use in your future assessment analysis. Such information includes, but is not limited to:


  • 2021 budget if it has been revised to reflect the impact of COVID-19.

  • Letters from tenants stating that they are vacating, reducing rent payments, or not paying rent at all.

  • Leasing or sale efforts that were delayed or canceled.

  • Any other evidence that demonstrates the impact on your property of COVID-19 e.g., email, memorandum, layoffs, cost increases for cleaning, supplies, etc.