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Texas Property Taxes:
Prepare Yourself for More Value Increases

Prior to the pandemic outbreak, the Texas real estate market was hot. The various market reports and statistics were not lost on local assessors who worked to keep property values in line with the market conditions. The result has been double-digit value increases for most property types in recent years.


As part of the state’s annual reassessment, counties throughout Texas are updating real property values for the 2020 tax year. Proposed 2020 Values are meant to reflect the fair market value of your taxable real property as of January 1 – when the real estate markets was still on an upward trend. Because of this, 2020 assessed values for all property types are expected to increase.


Many counties have stated that any effect to value due to the current health crisis will NOT be considered until the 2021 tax year, making it extremely important to review your 2020 assessment notice with a knowledgeable property tax consultant for appropriateness and if the value is overstated, be prepared to file an appeal before the deadline.



Appeal Deadlines Impacted by Pandemic


Notices of Appraisal Values, typically released in early April, are being delayed in many counties across Texas, but not all. Delays in the mailing of notices can impact appeal deadlines, which is usually May 15 or 30 days from the date notices are mailed. Below is information on some of the larger counties.


Appraisal District

Notices Issued

Appeal Deadline

Bexar County

April 18 thru May

30 days from mailing date

Collin County

May 15

June 15

Dallas County

May 15

June 15

Denton County

Majority to be sent April 29

30 days from mailing date

El Paso County

Starting April 27

June 1, or 30 days from mailing date

Fort Bend County


May 15, or 30 days from mailing date

Harris County

All notices have been released

May 15

Montgomery County

Starting April 14

May 15, or 30 days from mailing date

Tarrant County

May 1

June 1

Travis County

April 10

May 15

Williamson County

April 8-14

May 15, or 30 days from mailing date


Disaster Relief Exemption Does Not Apply


The Texas Attorney General has issued a legal opinion that purely economic, non-physical damage to property caused by the COVID-19 disaster is not eligible for the temporary tax exemption provided by Section 11.35 of the Tax Code. The opinion is consistent with input also received from the Texas House Ways and Means Committee on the disaster relief exemption.


Filing applications seeking relief under the provision will likely be denied by the local jurisdictions, and based on the AG's statement and advice of counsel; it is unlikely that a legal challenge would be successful.



Appeals May Be Necessary


Texas has an aggressive property tax system resulting in one of the highest property tax burdens in the nation. Appraisal Districts, particularly in metropolitan areas, have been assertive in their attempts to maintain 100% of market value on the tax roll, which produced an unprecedented level of litigation contesting the 2019 values.


Informal negotiations with the appraisal district may begin as soon as proposed values are known. However, many appraisal district offices across Texas remained closed to the public due to the pandemic or have restricted in-person informal hearings, opting instead for over-the-phone, email or “virtual” value discussions.


A prudent analysis of your property's unique characteristics, including: current lease rates, occupancy problems, possible deferred building maintenance, and a comparable analysis of competing properties needs to be conducted to minimize increases.


Formal appeals for unresolved valuation issues need to be filed with the Appraisal Review Board by May 15th (or 30 days after notices are issued, whichever is later).



POER Is Here To Help!


For more than 55 years, POER has provided property tax reduction solutions to clients with Texas properties from our Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio offices.


POER's Texas consulting teams consist of 28 consultants with more than 400 years of combined property tax industry experience, and includes MAI's, CMI's, State licensed senior consultants, a former ARB member, and two former Chief Appraisers. They are among the most highly respected property tax consultant in the State of Texas.


If you have questions about your property taxes or want another set of eyes to review your assessment, contact us today!

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