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CLIENT CONNECT is POER's web based property tax information portal and reporting tool that delivers a wealth of data to help manage and control your property tax program efficiently and effectively from anywhere.


This single technology platform provides seamless oversight and management of the entire property tax process; promoting consistency in information and reporting across the country; and gives transparency to the work we do for you (workflow, status, and deliverables).

What Our Clients Say

This particular tool is powerful and useful for us as we keep track of our property taxes. Everything from accrual to value reports proves very valuable to us and I use many of your standard reports
each week … it is extremely helpful to us.


Everything You Need to Manage Your Property Taxes in One Place.


Portfolio View


Know the status of your portfolio
at a glance or drill down to view the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
of a specific property or asset.


Appeal Tracking


Review specific appeal data for any property. Know what has been appealed, the status of appeals, and tax savings generated.


Robust Reporting


Choose from a variety of standard reports or create your own custom reports, even schedule reports to run automatically when you want it.


Property Details


In-depth information at your fingertips, including value analysis, tax appeal data, historical tax information, and more.


Personal Property


Glean critical data from the personal property dashboard. View assets at a high-level or drill down to a specific asset category.


Tax Bills


Know precisely the status of each tax bill. Flexible options allow you
to view a summary or all details of the tax payment process.


Jurisdiction Profiles


Access tax assessor and tax collector profiles for each of your locations, or any of the more than 13,500 profiles in our database.


Helpful Resources


Client Connect hosts a wealth of resources to help you navigate the tax process. From tax calendars to email alerts, we are here to help.

For more information about how CLIENT CONNECT can work for you, or if you would like to schedule a demo with one of our representatives, be sure to contact us.