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What Our Clients Say About Us

At POER, our clients are our business. They, not us, define excellence. We take the time to get to know you and understand your business, in order to focus on meeting your needs. This commitment has resulted in long-standing, trusted relationships.


  • CIM Group

  • The Worthing Companies

  • Olympus Property

  • Stiles Corporation

  • LNR Partners, Inc.

  • Prime West

  • CB Richard Ellis Asset Services, Inc.

  • The Hanover Company

  • Judwin Realty Group

  • Hercules Real Estate Services, Inc.

  • BSR Trust, LLC

  • Stream Realty

  • Retail Plazas, Inc.

  • Republican National Committee


Dan Ripps,
First Vice President & Chief Valuation Officer



We have found POER's customer service and communication to be absolutely excellent. Together we have achieved significant property tax savings, which in many cases we have been able to pass on to our commercial and retail tenants, creating a win-win situation.


It is great to be working with a national property tax firm with the breadth and scope of knowledge to analyze the property tax impact of significant business initiatives, including penetrating new markets.


J. Bernard Mannelly,
Senior Vice President



POER has been a valued consultant for both our development and our property management teams since 2007. They not only have great knowedge in all of the municipalities that Worthing developes in but also great knowledge of the construction costs and tax assessors' use of the costs for property valuations.


Jarrad Principe, CPA
VP of Finance



Every property we were advised to file an appeal on has seen a significant reduction in assessed value, some of which were reduced far below what was acheived by our previous consultant.


I have the upmost confidence POER will continue to achieve astounding results, and highly recommend them for any firm seeking top-notch expertise, excellent project management, and above all, results.


Rocco Fererra,
Chief Investment Officer



Now on its 30th year, our long standing business relationship has been valuable on multiple levels. POER has consistently given us expert opinions and successful tax strategies that we can rely on, creating significant tax savings and enabling Stiles to effectively add, manage, and maximize value throughout our portfolio year after year.


Randall Rosen,
Senior Vice President



Our relationship is now in its 20th year and each year your group has continued to help us with our significant tax burdens. Over those years Marvin F. Poer and Company has probably handled hundreds of properties for us and in many of those cases, achieved significant reductions in our property taxes.


Karen Cerny, RPA
Vice President, Director of Property Management



Your appeal efforts have provided our owners and tenants with thousands of dollars in tax savings, which has been instrumental in keeping our operating expenses very market competitive. Further, we consider Marvin F. Poer and Company's real estate tax counsel to be the "go to" guys in pursuing legal recourse on a tax issue.





We have used POER for property tax consulting for over fifteen years. Our long-standing relationship is based on their responsiveness and their results. They are always quick to respond, and have saved our owners literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years; helping our company look good to our clients. We rely on their professionalism and expertise.


Earl J. Smalley,
Director of Management Services



Your staff has been both willing and able to help with questions and concerns in regards to property tax issues during the various stages of development and ownership of our properties. Through our partnership with your company, more than $2 million in savings has been produced during the past two years.

Jerry Winograd,



We at Judwin Properties, Inc. have had the pleasure to work with the staff of Marvin F. Poer and Company for the past five years. Beginning early in the process, they do an excellent job of communicating with us leaving little room for surprises later on.


Hercules Real Estate Services, Inc.



We greatly appreciated and wish to acknowledge your professionalism and expertise in valuing subsidized apartment properties such as we own. They have unique valuation issues and your expertise in that area is refreshing and NOT typically enjoyed by others in your profession.


Linda Burns



I appreciate everything that all of the folks with Marvin F. Poer and Company do or have done to help us. You have done such a great job, not only doing what was agreed upon, but more importantly, thinking outside the box and are always willing to help with other items that may pop up and need resolving….that goes a long way with me!




Donna Kemp,
Vice President of Property Management



We were immediately impressed with the extensive knowledge and the amount of research POER undergoes before meeting with the review board. Every one of our properties benefited from POER's instinctive experience and professionalism. In total, POER achieved in excess of $161,000 for our 2008 portfolio.


Kay Mead,
Senior Property Manager / Controller



I have worked with several other tax consultants in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and Marvin F. Poer's consultants are the best at representing their client's interest in an effective and professional manner.


Republican National Committee



Your expertise on the special issues relating to owner-occupied office buildings in DC, and their valuation for property tax purposes, has proven to be invaluable over the more than 9 years that we have been fighting this issue.